Link Building: How to Increase ROI and Strengthen Online Presence

These days, a majority of the communication between businesses, whether to consumers or to other companies, is carried out electronically, primarily through e-mail and online messaging systems. But beyond providing a convenient way for businesses and clients to stay in touch, the web can be a powerful tool for making connections. And what could be better at building digital connections than hyperlinks?

Corporations looking to attract new clients, promote their services, and increase revenue should (of course) be using several effective methods to fortify their online presence. However, the most beneficial strategy – the one you can’t afford to miss – is link building. Yes, you can increase your company’s popularity, respect, and web traffic by making good use of all those underlined words!

Consider these statistics: Facebook users average 150 friends apiece, and nearly one-quarter of all LinkedIn users have between 500 and 1,000 connections. Essentially, link building is the electronic equivalent of getting recommendations and referrals by tapping into these and other existing networks.

Link Building Brings Business

The process of link building can be broken down into two parts: integration and accrual. Integration refers to the volume (or lack) of interesting internal features that make a website stand out from competitors, thus making it popular (or unpopular) among consumers and clientele. A fully integrated site considers the needs and interests of all potential audience members, including customers, employees, prospective clients, industry affiliates, and competitors.

You can improve your link-building program by growing relationships with anyone who wants to spread the word of your company’s excellence: loyal customers, employees, friends and family, brand advocates, and key business partners.

Link Building Brings BusinessHow did the blog Little Red Mommy Hood achieve this exponential growth? Building relationships! (Source: Search Engine Land).

Using SEO for Link Building

Links are also important, both in quality and quantity, to make your website more visible in internet searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a powerful tool for bringing traffic to your site, but you’ll never get a top Google ranking without external hyperlinks. Search engines work by picking up signals from links; therefore, the more high-quality links you have from your site to others – and from other sites to yours – the more often your webpages will appear. With a customized SEO strategy incorporating hyperlinks, your company will be able to achieve better search engine results.

Once you start a link-building campaign, how do you know if it’s working? The tricky thing about grabbing the attention of search engines like Google and Bing with all those little hyperlinks is that they don’t work individually. All of the keywords on your website work like a team to increase your search engine ranking. If you want to know how the different SEO keywords work – including which ones are the biggest earners of traffic and ROI – you’ll need tools to do it.

Are All These Links Driving Traffic?

Generally, your link-building success can be measured in your SEO ranking and by the number of quality links you have on your site. You can also pinpoint your best keywords by looking at referrals in Google Analytics. These simple statistics can be tracked internally, or you can hire an outside consultant to do the ’net detective work.

Tracking the progress of your link-building campaign is where a digital marketer becomes invaluable. I can collect thorough information about your website, including which other sites and social media networks it interacts with, and provide real-time feedback to make sure your campaign is progressing as it should. If a link is hurting your site instead of helping, I can quickly identify and remove it. By analyzing data about your SEO keywords, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s working (and what’s not) in your web content strategy.

Don’t Wait – Make the Right Connections Today

Link building can benefit your business tremendously. When done properly, it places your company’s name in front of more web users, specifically those in your target market. In today’s digital age, gaining the competitive edge in the online market is critical, and knowing how to generate traffic to your website by using SEO tactics and external links will boost your business, increasing your return on investment (ROI).