Employee Empowerment Equals Corporate Visibility

Employees have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction, which means it’s important to keep them happy in the workplace and happy with your corporate culture. Satisfied employees are also exceedingly more productive than those who are merely clocking in to collect a paycheck.

But while every business owner and manager knows that people – including employees – are a key asset to long-term success, it’s not always easy to know how to keep your workforce motivated and plugging along with a smile genuinely plastered on their faces.

HR Do's & Don'ts

Offer Incentives

Research surveys and studies conducted by Gallup and the Society for Human Resource Management show that employees who are engaged and satisfied with their daily roles and responsibilities are motivated to work harder for their company. These employees typically deliver remarkable levels of performance and are five times less likely to quit their jobs voluntarily. With an increase in sales and revenue, companies should become more willing and able to provide financial incentives, such as raises, bonuses, and commissions. One of the best ways to look after your workforce is to develop loyalty commission programs to ensure employees feel their hard work and effort pays off. And all those incentives mean the best employees will stay.

Making the Most of Social Media

Once you have the attention of your employees, it is time to get them involved in talking about their workplace. Social media campaigns are one of the most effective methods of driving sales and making your company more visible on the web, and happy employee are likely to participate and spread positive word of mouth.

In addition to delivering fresh, fun, and engaging content, these campaigns allow for the critical, but often overlooked, ability of your company to develop personal relationships with customers. Letting your employees show their personalities in interacting with your company on social media will also show clients that your organization is approachable and friendly.

Making the Most of Social Media
                                                                      Excerpt from NBRI infographic

Your Company is Your Team

Employee engagement is all about team-building, and it requires a holistic approach. That is to say there isn’t one right or wrong way to go about it. Start by getting to know your workers as individuals to find out what their concerns and visions are, and in turn develop an effective and efficient branding campaign that works for you and represents them. When you engage and motivate each employee by encouraging creativity, developing incentive programs, and showcasing your team with social media campaigns, you will help your business grow exponentially.

It’s no secret that a business can’t run without people, but it’s a common problem to focus too much on the external network (customers) and not enough on the men and women on the inside – your employees. By engaging the group that’s already interacting with your company and your products on a near-daily basis – using incentives, social media, and team-building exercises – the conversation about your brand will naturally grow to attract new customers and quality new hires.

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