Corporate Survival of the Fittest: How User Experience (UX) Helps You Win

Companies are continually releasing products with new features and functions to keep customers happy, but meanwhile consumers are expecting (and demanding) more from the brands they know and love. Giving your clients what they want is a good place to start if you want to increase your company’s revenue and popularity; however, to make your […]

Can HR Boost Your Bottom Line?

You can have all the tools and technology in the world, but at the end of the day, what really drives your company’s success is people. You already know that everyone who purchases your products is critical to your business’ survival and growth; however, the real fuel for your organization’s fire comes from its own […]

Show the Corporate World You Mean Business with CMS

Having a high-quality content management system (CMS) to help manage your company’s website is critical to corporate success – more than you might have ever imagined! Without one, websites all too easily become out-of-date and disorganized, leading to high bounce rates (in other words, potential customers who click away in mere seconds). Organization = Conversion […]

A Little LAM Goes a Long Way in Supporting Corporate Success

Do you ever stare longingly at the commercials and campaigns of multinational companies, wondering how they are so successful while your own business has trouble staying afloat? Those companies had to learn to crawl before they could walk (and eventually run) in the corporate world. In fact, many still rely on the same secret weapon […]

Treat Your Company Website to a Makeover for Better Business

There are different types of marketing mediums, but these days one is more important than the rest: a website. It’s the face of your company. Having a great website is the key to drawing and retaining customers, and web designers and marketing experts agree that a good site contains one-of-a-kind features yet is easy to […]

Increasing Brand Awareness is the Road to Long-Term Success

Whether your company is already considered the cream of the crop, or if you dream of getting to the #1 spot, increasing your brand’s awareness is one of the best ways to make sure that you become – or stay – head and shoulders above the competition. Go Global Experts agree that the trick to […]

The Power of Email Marketing in Action

Email is far from outdated, according to research and surveys. In fact, it is more effective than ever when it comes to communicating with consumers. Here’s a refresher of the statistics:  Email has a return on investment (ROI) of around 4,300% (learn more from the Direct Marketing Association ).  80% of people choose to read […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: The Power of Email Marketing

When asked to name the marketing platforms that generate the greatest sales online, most business owners think of the latest trends like social media, mobile apps, and sophisticated web software. However, one of the most effective marketing methods is good old email. Although it is not the latest and greatest among e-commerce tools, email remains […]

Link Building: How to Increase ROI and Strengthen Online Presence

These days, a majority of the communication between businesses, whether to consumers or to other companies, is carried out electronically, primarily through e-mail and online messaging systems. But beyond providing a convenient way for businesses and clients to stay in touch, the web can be a powerful tool for making connections. And what could be […]

Carry the Conversation Forward with Social Media Campaigns

Even though many traditional aspects of doing business are experiencing upheaval as industries gravitate towards the digital marketplace, the underlying principle of marketing remains the same: foster a unique connection with your target audience. Nowadays there are just many more places to share your message and meet new customers, and that’s where the new marketing […]

Technology Trend: Ecommerce Moves to Mcommerce

As traditional methods of doing business are falling by the wayside, the survival and success of any company depends on its ability to adapt to, and dominate, the electronic market. According to estimates set forth by the International Data Corporation (IDC), revenue from electronic sales will grow at nearly 19% through 2017, which translates to […]